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¡Buenos días! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Privet! Ni hao!

The John Burroughs Modern Language Department is comprised of faculty members hailing from France, China, Russia, Ecuador and the United States. Courses are offered in French, Spanish and German from 7th grade through Level V AP, and language electives which meet twice a week are offered in beginning German, Russian and Chinese for sophomores, juniors and seniors wishing to be exposed to an additional language. Except for the Level I Upper School courses and the Level V AP courses which meet five days a week, our courses meet four days a week. In addition to their classroom work, students work in our Sony Virtuoso Multi-Media language laboratory to practice various oral, Internet and computer activities. Language trips and home-stay programs organized by the Burroughs faculty are currently offered in France, Germany, Panama and Costa Rica. For more detailed information about our language program, please follow the links above.